Access Control

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Assegai Security Technologies offer tailored access control solutions, where we meet with our clients, gain a better understanding of your needs and then make our best recommendations on moving forward with the right equipment in place.

Our team of experts have sound exprience in their field, and are up to date with the latest movement in technological advancements, ensuring your system remains ahead of the curve. 

  • Intrusion Detection
  • Parking Booms & Guard Stations
  • Gate Control
  • Intercom Systems
  • Optical and Mechanical Turnstiles

What you can expect from Assegai Security Technologies

Tailored Design

We have the expertise and experience to design any access control system suited to your needs, providing trusted brands in the industry.

Suited For All Applications

Offering design, installation, and maintainance of your access control systems, you are gauranteed a solutions that is tailored to your specifications from highly restricted areas, to office facilities.

Easily Integrated

Our access control solutions are easily integrated into your existing building systems to ensure that your alarm and other intrusion detection systems and/or other issues are automatically recorded.